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Producing & Directing

I am currently looking at building a portfolio of my own work but I am always so excited to hear about other people's ideas, so please get in touch if you have something you are working on or have an opportunity you think I might be right for!

Producing & Directing

I have alway had a passion for fasilitating others, I love the colaborative process and I get a kick out of helping people achieve there production based or artistic goals.

I attended The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama the course I studied there encouraged us to collaborate and explore all elements of production. So I got hands-on with, audio design, camera work, directing, writing, and producing the whole thing. It was during this time I realised I wanted to do more than just to act!

I am a passionate creative that has worked in various capacities across the BBC, most recently employed as an Animation Development Producer at the BBC. Throughout my career thus far I have been lucky enough to develop in various areas across work at the BBC and beyond, in roles which have required me to effectively balance both the administration aspects of seeing a project through from development to release, as well as leading creatively and ensuring efficient delivery of well-curated content. I believe that these are skills that are demonstrated in the podcast award-nominated show (Voting still ongoing so hopefully award-winning soon) ‘3 Black Halflings’ & further producing work. 3 Black Halflings is a show in which 2 of my black friends and I talk about the experience of being black, and interacting with today's pop culture.

Having started the show as so many did during lockdown, it has gone from strength to strength, striking the right balance between thoughtful and important conversation with light-hearted humour and great host chemistry. I believe that it is only through my passion, innovation and ability to execute on audience data and feedback that I was able to make such a success of this show in such a saturated market. The success of this show has taken me to LA, NYC & San Fransico meeting with collaborators and partners. I have formed a strong working relationship with companies such as Headgum Podcast Network, Youtube Kids & Family, Wizards Of The Coast, Vicon and others.

Expanding my work, I am now launching two new podcasts, one on the life of Superman star actress Sarah Douglas which will feature world-renowned guests such as Grace Jones, Doug Jones & many more, and a Vicon-sponsored podcast about the ever-expanding world of Motion and Performance capture with the incredible Victoria Atkin. I have a passion for this field as I feel we are just scratching the surface of what audio on demand can be and I am always looking for what the next innovation will be, I believe it is important to stay flexible and fluid in this line of work that you are able to quickly absorb & seize exciting opportunities.

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